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Disco-remixed-Joy-One-Night In Love

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Systems In Blue-Point Of No Return Maxi

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Stray Cats — Live At Montreux

Stray Cats — Live At Montreux 1981

— You Know What Time It Is... It's Time To Rock!!

01 Sweet Love On My Mind
02 Double Talking Baby
03 Rumble In Brighton
04 My One Desire
05 Ubangi Stomp
06 Drink That Bottle Down
07 Storm The Embassy
08 Stray Cat Strut
09 Fishnet Stockings
10 Important Words
11 Rock This Town
12 Runaway Boys
13 Be Bop A Lula (Featuring Pearl Harbour and Wilko Johnson)
14 Somethin' Else
15 Pretty Pretty Baby

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